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Isha Elafi - Larimar Necklace

Isha Elafi - Larimar Necklace

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Larimar necklace with sterling silver accents in blue and black colors designed by Isha Elafi.

Macrame nomadic knotwork with bead accents and featured gemstones. Due to the unique gemstone, bead, and knotting characteristics of each handcrafted jewelry piece, each Isha Elafi creation is one of a kind.


"The knotting together of colored threads with the amazing gems and stones of the Earth has given me joy and sustenance for many years.

The jewelry I create reflects both the many cultures I have visited and the inspiration that comes from my heart. Each piece is made with love, and is as individual as the stones incorporated in it and the people they adorn.

I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as I have enjoyed creating them." - Natasha's World Jewelry featured designer designer Isha Elafi.

Natasha's World Jewelry is proud to represent Isha Elafi designs at our boutique located in Reno, NV. Online orders ship within 3 business days of order placement. Exchanges for store credit within 7 days. All orders are subject to our Terms Of Service.

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